A design infringement case was won by Vespa against a Chinese counterfeit company

A Chinese company which showcased a scooter which looks exactly like the Vespa Primvera in 2019 at EICMA was challenged by the Italian company Vespa for copying it’s design. Vespa raised the matter with EUIPO which declared the registration of the Chinese scooter as invalid.

The famed Italian two-wheeler maker was in for a shock at EICMA 2019 when a Chinese brand — Chen Huang — showcased a scooter that borrowed most of the styling cues from Vespa Primavera. Not taking this lightly, the Italian company filed a case with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), which has now declared the Chinese scooter’s design invalid.There’s nothing new that a Chinese company has blatantly copied a design of a popular vehicle mostly from the western region of the world. While selling it in successfully in their domestic markets. Brands like Jaguar and land rover have made sure that these counterfeit models do not enter the market by slapping cases against the Chinese companies. While some companies try to overlook the attempt by these Chinese companies because of the cost of the legal resources and overhead costs.

This is not the first time that a Chinese company has acted in such an unprofessional manner. There are many examples from the past like the one below where a Range Rover counterfeit was developed by a Chinese company and was severely criticized by the automotive community.

While we only know about the Chinese companies the Russian companies are not far behind in copying the design from another famous model. Below is the Senat Limousine model recently launched by a Russian company. Looks like the tradition for copying the design language of a famous model is increasing day by day.

These are just some examples while we have tried to gather for you. There are many more which might surprise you looking at the level of detail that has been copied.

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